Types of Personalization in Portals – User Personalization

In the white paper we posted on 3/9 (Integrating ECM with Portal Technologies) I wrote a section that gave an overview of the 3 main types of personalization that are normally implemented in a portal environment.

  1. User Personalization
  2. Content Filtering Personalization
  3. Trend Analysis Personalization

In a short series of posts over the next few weeks I will go into a bit more depth on each type that I mentioned in the paper including technical details when applicable.

First up is User Personalization. Continue reading

Fishbowl Portlets Followup – CIS and Content Consumption Options

I want to thank John over at John’s Blog again for posting about the white paper you see below.  I posted a reply on his site but also wanted to expand a bit on a couple things.

One of the reasons we leveraged CIS for the integration (besides what was outlined in the paper) is due to security and network architecture.   John linked to a great article about using Site Studio 10gr4 from external Portal Compositingapplications and mentioned that to implement this functionality you call the UCM services directly over HTTP.   This is a great way to do it and makes the integration very straightforward, however, the customers where we have implemented the Fishbowl Portlets were using their portal technology to present a public facing site.  In this instance the UCM server that is serving the content was always behind a firewall where the client’s browser could not access it on port 80 or 443.  Opening a secure socket connection between servers ended up being a much easier sell to IT Security.

So what about that great 10gr4 functionality, in particular the WCM_PLACEHOLDER service call?  We integrated it anyway.  We added a new method to the CIS Wrapper class mentioned in the paper that uses the Administrative API in CIS to make a standard service call.  The rendered HTML from the placeholder comes back in the binder and we return that out to the portlets.  The placeholder is one of 4 current configurable options for consumption on the content portlet (there is also a search/list display portlet).

  1. Native HTML/Text content
  2. Dynamic Conversion (with image caching)
  3. Site Studio 10gR3 data file element
  4. Site Studio 10gR4 placeholder

I personally love the placeholder option since it allows us to pull in any asset built in Site Studio 10gR4 to build out a site in portal.

More to come on the portlets, stay tuned!