Fishbowl’s GSA Portal Search Suite introduces JSR-286 portlet integration that brings Google search to Oracle WebCenter and Liferay Portal

Integrated Google search has arrived for Oracle WebCenter and Liferay Portal. Last week, Fishbowl Solutions announced the GSA (Google Search Appliance) Portal Search Suite. This is Fishbowl’s fourth product for the Google Search Appliance, and introduces a productized integration that exposes Google search features like spelling suggestions, dynamic navigation, and document previews directly within the portal.

Previous integrations between the GSA and WebCenter or Liferay Portal had to be heavily customized to expose similar search features and functionality. In most cases, extensive customization was needed even when adding only one new search feature, such as autocomplete query suggestions, to portal search pages. Additionally, such customization had to be done by someone with specialized technical expertise including portal development, familiarity with the GSA response format, and XML transformation. Alternately some organizations have used the GSA’s built-in stylesheet typically directing users to search functions outside of the portal either as an iframe or a completely separate search page. This disconnect devalues the portal as being the single, universal location to access enterprise information, and detracts from the overall portal user experience.

Fishbowl’s GSA Portal Search Suite seamlessly integrates the GSA with WebCenter and Liferay portals. The integration is made possible by a collection of JSR-286 portlets that provide a search box and search results layout directly within the portal. These configurable portlets let customers choose which Google search features to expose, and lets them mix and match portlets for specific pages. The GSA Portal Search Suite also includes an authentication mechanism to provide single-sign-on between the portal and the GSA when performing secure searches. All these features help ensure that searches conducted from the portal return results with higher relevancy, and that search pages match the look and feel of the portal, leading to an enhanced user experience.

Customers with WebCenter or Liferay Portal that are looking to improve relevancy and provide search features that users have come to expect can do so with the GSA. And now with Fishbowl’s GSA Portal Search Suite, a seamless and flexible integration is available decreasing time to value and helping to maximize your WebCenter, Liferay and GSA investment.

Fishbowl will be demonstrating GSA Portal Search Suite, as well as our other GSA value-add products, at Oracle OpenWorld from September 29th through October 1st. You can see us in booth #2036 Moscone South. To read the brochure, click here.

GSA Portal Search Screen


Meet Fishbowl’s WebCenter Experts at OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld will be held from September 28-October 2 in San Francisco.

Fishbowl Solutions will once again be at Oracle OpenWorld this year to connect with fellow WebCenter users! The event is now only a few days away, and our team is really looking forward to discussing how our value-add solutions can help your organization.

Our booth in the exhibition hall will be located at 2036 Moscone South, and will feature demos of Mobile ECM, the Google Search Appliance, Portal Solution Accelerator, SharePoint integration, and a free iPad giveway. We will also have many representatives on hand to answer your WebCenter content, portal, or imaging questions. All exhibition halls will be open from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Other activities at this year’s event include:

  • Sunday, September 28
    A Successful Oracle WebCenter Upgrade: What You Need to Know
    12:00 PM-12:45 PM, Moscone South 305This session’s speakers share facts and use cases that you will be able to apply to your Oracle WebCenter 11g upgrade. You will learn from tips and best practices from successful upgrades to Release 11g that you will be able to utilize as well. The session includes a fact-sharing discussion on upgrades; use case stories from Oracle WebCenter customers; and a roundtable forum during which attendees will be able to ask questions specific to their Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Portal, or Oracle WebCenter Imaging upgrade.
  • Wednesday, October 1
    Automate Financial Processes for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite
    12:45 PM-1:30 PM, Moscone West 3018This session’s speakers share facts and use cases that you will be able to apply to your Oracle WebCenter 11g upgrade. You will learn from tips and best practices from successful upgrades to Release 11g that you will be able to utilize as well. The session includes a fact-sharing discussion on upgrades; use case stories from Oracle WebCenter customers; and a roundtable forum during which attendees will be able to ask questions specific to their Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Portal, or Oracle WebCenter Imaging upgrade.
  • Wednesday, October 1
    Oracle WebCenter for Education and Research
    2:00 PM-2:45 PM, Marriott Marquis Golden Gate C3Digital, social, and mobile technologies are creating new and transformational education experiences to engage students, faculty, parents, and administrators in their collective pursuit of student success. This session features case studies from higher education and K–12 that illustrate the power of Oracle WebCenter in enabling twenty-first-century learning.
  • Monday, September 29
    Oracle WebCenter and Oracle BPM Customer Appreciation Reception
    6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Old Mint, Old Mint PlazaRegister for the reception here.

If you’d like to meet with any of Fishbowl’s representatives at the event, feel free to email To learn more about what we’ll be doing at OpenWorld this year, download our Focus On guide. See you in San Francisco!

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Reflections: What’s Old is New Again – Document Imaging a Hot Topic

After Fishbowl employees return from OpenWorld, we all get together and discuss what went right, what went wrong, and how we can improve. We also summarize the WebCenter-related discussions we had at the event, and what the next steps for each of us will be to take those conversations and turn them into opportunities. What surprised me this year was the number of OpenWorld discussions we had around document imaging, and specifically image enabling business processes like accounts payable and employee expenses.

I was surprised because while there were Oracle WebCenter Imaging presentations at OpenWorld, there weren’t any big announcements regarding the product. The big announcements were Oracle WebCenter’s offerings around Cloud and Mobile. Furthermore, while some of us did have document imaging discussions with attendees at past OpenWorlds, they seemed to be few and far between. So, why all the document imaging interest and discussion this year?

Well, let me take a step back and provide a little historical context. About 5 years ago, the Oracle WebCenter product management team was working on a WebCenter Imaging integration with Oracle E-Business Suite, starting with Oracle Financials for accounts payable processing. What they released was sort of a jump-start component called the Application Extender Framework (AXF). This component provided the various  WebCenter Imaging hooks into E-Business Suite (workflows, metadata mappings, image viewer) that would enable E-Business Suite users to process invoices in the context of their payables workbench. The first few releases of this component did work but also had some issues. However, the biggest issue facing Oracle WebCenter Imaging and its AXF component at the time was that a 3rd-party document imaging upstart had already become the preferred imaging solution for invoice processing in E-Business Suite. Oracle E-Business Suite users that were also using this product, found that it worked well and most did not want to be first to market with a relatively new imaging solution.

Fast forward 5 years later and Oracle WebCenter Imaging has become the de-facto choice for document imaging to support Oracle E-Business Suite processes. The imaging upstart that was eating WebCenter Imaging’s lunch some 5 years ago has gone the way of acquisition and really isn’t heard from much anymore. Effectively, if there is an imaging deal to be had within Oracle E-Business Suite, it goes to Oracle WebCenter Imaging. This has been strengthened by an integration with Oracle Forms Recognition (OFR), which can intelligently process invoices and extract the necessary data from them. Furthermore, there are a lot of Oracle E-Business Suite customers using WebCenter Imaging to process thousands of invoices daily, and those successes continue to build upon one another with strong references and ROI data to support the invoice processing use case.

Anyway, back to the question as to why WebCenter Imaging was a popular topic at OpenWorld this year – at least for Fishbowl Solutions. I think the main reason for this is what I highlighted at the end of the paragraph above – it has successfully been implemented at many organizations with more coming on board all the time. Its value proposition, and the value prop of imaging in general, is it helps organizations streamline the manual processes involved to process invoices, removing keystrokes, steps and the overall lag (cycle time) involved. This immediately translates into ROI, and it is this ROI story that has other Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers excited.

All that being said, implementing Oracle WebCenter Imaging and the other products that support it for end-to-end invoice processing (SOA, Business Process Management or BPM, Oracle Document Capture, OFR, and AXF), and integrating it with the respective Oracle ERP application is still fairly complex. Depending on such things as invoice volumes and workflow complexities, Implementations typically take months. Nonetheless, once implemented, the ROI is there and can be realized quickly.

I would also like to think that the heavy traffic of attendees interested in WebCenter Imaging that visited the Fishbowl booth at OpenWorld had to do with the successes we have had implementing the product and its complementary components for invoice processing. With each of the implementations being different in one aspect or another, we have been able to build up our knowledgebase and best practices for WebCenter Imaging, helping to reduce complexities and decrease time to value. If you and your organization have implemented Oracle WebCenter Imaging or are considering it, and you would like to image enable your accounts payable process in Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft, please contact us at 952-465-3400 or

Thanks for reading!

Jason Lamon is a product strategist and technology evangelist who writes about a range of topics regarding content management and enterprise portals. He writes to keep the communication going about such topics, uncover new opinions, and to get responses from people who are smarter than him. If you are one of those people, feel free to respond to his tweets and posts.

Oracle WebCenter Mobile Success:: Content And Now Portal!..

Fishbowls Mobile division  have been focused on delivering enterprise applications and support for Oracle WebCenter over the last 5 years.

Focused on delivering both Native and hybrid Applications (ADF Mobile PhoneGap & Cordova) for Android IOS and BlackBerry.

In the last week, we’ve released a new update to our WebCenter Content app “Fishbowl2Go” and also a preview edition of our WebCenter Portal application “Fishbowl Connect” for IOS; soon to be available on both Android and Blackberry App Stores.

Check out Fishbowl Solutions apps for WebCenter here

Fishbowl Connect Overview
Fishbowl Connect enables intuitive mobile collaboration for Oracle WebCenter Portal. Allowing business users and management to easily view and post discussions, connect – follow and collaborate with other members, search and submit content both from your workspace and collaborative portal environments.

Here are some of the rich features that have been built into this release:

Multilingual Support (i18n)
Currently English, French however we are working on also releasing Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian in the next month or two.
With this we also provide your linguistic teams the ability to easily customise the language semantics displayed through a web based editor.

Brand Distinction
We know you all don’t want to have Fishbowl Connect branded app and so inbuilt is the capability for your marketing team to easily enhance the app templates, customise the functionality and add additional screens to the springboard, change the theme to fit in with your brand.

ADF Mobile Support
Our app or features can be integrated into ADF Mobile applications enabling your ADF Mobile dev teams to enhance or integrate existing ADF Mobile modules introducing additional springboard buttons to access existing solutions.

Responsive Design – Adaptive Design & ADF Taskflows
If your site is responsive – adaptive you also have the capability to import the view into the app to integrate with existing ADF Business components / taskflows. Providing seamless integrations with existing applications so users no longer need to switch to a browser and navigate to components this can be exposed within the mobile app.

Cached Offline Support
All screens that are accessed while the user is accessing the application are cached enabling temporary offline support. This cache is dropped when the app is restarted.

Global Configuration File
A static configuration file enables quick updates throughout all installed mobile applications providing full control over all installed apps (Android, IOS, Blackberry) giving IT admins full control – one of the capabilities is to turn off/disable features ie access to the content server during scheduled maintenance out of hours periods. 

File Contributions
Currently we only allow photo and text WYSIWYG submissions through the app to portal we are looking to expand this to enable more file types and also the ability to allow users to choose the app to load documents from WebCenter Content.




Discuss Oracle WebCenter with Fishbowl Solutions at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Booth 2226

Fishbowl Solutions is looking forward to another great OpenWorld, which includes the opportunity to meet with WebCenter customers and discuss their projects. Please check back to this blog soon for more information on our OpenWorld activities, including previews of our presentations, booth demonstrations, and the opportunities you will have to engage with us while at the event. You should also make plans to visit us in Moscone South – booth 2226.


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