Fishbowl Solutions is now a Google for Work Premier Partner

As of August 1, 2015, Google promoted Fishbowl Solutions to Premier Partner status! This elevation is a testament to our commitment to selling and servicing Google Search Solutions, and we are very excited to be counted among the select companies to attain this level of partnership. Kim Negaard, the Google Product Manager at Fishbowl, took some time to talk about our history with Google and what being a Premier Partner means.


New Version of Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition!

If you tuned into last week’s blog post talking I talked about the new release of WebCenter Capture. Well, low and behold Oracle released a new version of OFR.

If you look closely, this a step in the right direction as the verifer component is now available as a web application module. That’s right, no more client installations of verifier and access via a web browser!

At Fishbowl we see this as a huge advantage to our customers with no more client installations of verifier and only keeping a few servers busy, while verifiers access the result via a browser. This helps our customers in two ways, 1) improvement of the management of the overall system and 2) lowering their costs.

OFR is now architected in more of a distributed manner, this means a lot of the configurations will need to be centrally located on a database, instead of the file system. Configurations like documents, batches (jobs), project references, users & groups and etc are stored there. But note with the file system is no longer supported and therefore will be required to upgrade to a database for batches.

When looking at the new web verifier, I have to say I was fully expecting an ADF application because that has been the trend with most of the Fusion Middleware technologies which has adopted this framework. If you look at the screenshot below it looks very similar to the client verifier, well at least the layout is similar.

Overall, this a great next step for imaging and the solutions that we can provide to our customers. With the web verifier, the clear benefit is no longer having the need to install verifier on each verifier station.

Like I stated in my post last week about ODC, this is a very excting time for imaging. We are seeing a lot of demand for it. Companies are looking to move away from paper based business processes to help save costs and Fishbowl is willing to join you in that journey in implmenting an automated imaging solution with the new versions of these produts. If you have any questions about imaging solutions or the new version of OFR please contact us at or 952–465–3400.

Brad Bukacek Jr is a Senior Software Consultant/Team Lead, who focuses on building Oracle imaging solutions. He also has an extensive background in architecting & developing solutions using Oracle SOA/BPM Suite. Brad is also heavily involved in the Oracle community through IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) and is the Middleware Track Manager for IOUGs yearly conference, Collaborate & a Senior Contributing Editior for Select Journal. Follow his tweets at @bbukacek

What’s New with WebCenter Capture

Within the last few months Oracle has released a new version of the WebCenter products ( With this update there were quite a few significant updates to WebCenter that includes a new UI — built in Oracle ADF, Mobile availability, but one significant update I was excited about was a new version of Oracle WebCenter Capture.

If you’re familiar with WebCenter Capture, you know its been a long time since it had any signficant updates. Actually, according to Oracle support the last patchset was released over a year ago!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the new interface!

What are the new features?

Quite a few new features were added and really takes the product to next level. They include:
* Now it’s truly an enterprise product, now based on Java and can be deployed to WebLogic Server as a managed server.
* Be deployed to Linux platforms. (Earlier versions were restricted to a Windows Operating System)
* Customizations are now done in Javascript, instead of VB scripts.

Now being a web-based product means a lot of benefits for our clients. But one of big advantages I see is no longer needing to install a desktop-client on PCs, as everyone responsible for doing capturing and indexing will access the web console to do this.

What does this mean for ODDC?


With this new release of the product, I think its written on the wall for ODDC that it won’t exist moving forward. Essentially its been merged with the new version.

What else?

As with any new releases of any product there are pros, which I outlined above, but also come with some cons.

I fully believe the pros outweigh the cons in this release. Though there are few things to note about this new version:

1. If Recognition Processor is going to be used, it is not available on Linux distributions, only on Windows.

2. The same goes for PDF Searchable.

 Note: This can also be found on Oracle Support Doc ID 1585057.1

After spending all week at Oracle OpenWorld talking about imaging with customers and with the new release of ODC, we at Fishbowl are very excited about the future of imaging and the solutions we can provide to our customers. If you’re looking for more information about the new release of WebCenter Enterprise Capture or imaging solutions, contact us at Fishbowl, and also see Oracle Support Article ID 1582282.1 for more details.

Brad Bukacek Jr is a Senior Software Consultant/Team Lead, who focuses on building Oracle imaging solutions. He also has an extensive background in architecting & developing solutions using Oracle SOA/BPM Suite. Brad is also heavily involved in the Oracle community through IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) and is the Middleware Track Manager for IOUGs yearly conference, Collaborate.

Discuss Oracle WebCenter with Fishbowl Solutions at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Booth 2226

Fishbowl Solutions is looking forward to another great OpenWorld, which includes the opportunity to meet with WebCenter customers and discuss their projects. Please check back to this blog soon for more information on our OpenWorld activities, including previews of our presentations, booth demonstrations, and the opportunities you will have to engage with us while at the event. You should also make plans to visit us in Moscone South – booth 2226.


54 days and counting…

What does WebCenter Imaging Solve?

As technology evolves, one thing businesses will always look to do is to cut costs by increasing efficiences through enterprise business processes. By investing in Oracle WebCenter Imaging (also known as I/PM), businesses can improve processes that are typically manual and paper-based by looking at ways to automate the document processing.

Imaging is becoming an important investment that key business executives are pushing to IT departments to improve key processes. Some examples of processes include, but not limited to the following:

* Invoice Processing

* Expenses

* Employee On-Boarding

Webcenter Imaging provides many additional features on top of WebCenter Content to help businesses achieve document extraction, a business process management infrastructure and include standards-based integration into key ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications like Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft.

At Fishbowl Solutions, we take a simplifed approach to achieve an automated imaging solution uisng WebCenter Imaging. Where most organizations get into trouble is attempting to break off too much, too quickly, we like to understand the business objectives & goals and design a scalable solution to help the business see increased efficiencies and cut costs.

For example, lets look at some benefits of using WebCenter Imaging for accounts payable. By automating the invoice process, businesses are removing the following risks:

* Missing information or incorrectly routed

* Audit

* Loss of paper documents

But by also being more productive and paying vendors on-time they can go back to them and now ask for discounts because they can pay quicker.

Below is a picture of workflow from scanning to approval workflow.

If you have questions or are unsure where to get started in your quest for business process automation via WebCenter Imaging, please contact Fishbowl Solutions. We have extensive history with the product and can provide value-add services for your imaging-based project. Additionally, if you would like to get a clearer picture into the benefits and ROI that imaging could have for your accounts payable invoices process, please check out Oracle’s Online Assessment Tool.