Speaking at UKOUG Tech13 – UK Oracle User Group

I was fortunate to be accepted to present at this years UK Oracle User Group – “Developing and integrating with Oracle Social Network”.
Showing how easy it was to integrate with OSN using it’s REST API and my previous experience at OSNs Developer Challenge at Oracle Open World 2012.

You can see more info and my original OOW12 entry – Mobile Integration with OSN here

I had a bit of fun with this years presentations creating it for my ipad; this allowed me to move around whilst still having control of the presentation and making it more dynamic.
Above you can see me and my co-presenter David Rowe as I take a picture of the audience which jumps across and into my presentation being projected.

For those interested I created the IOS application using Cordova to build a hybrid app with the reveal.js library for creating my slides in html5; to speed things up I used www.slid.es and exported the html package which I imported into my cordova project.

I then used an app called reflector that enabled me to use airplay and mirror to my laptop from the ipad onto the projector.
And then finally I used Connectify to quickly create a network from my laptop my ipad could connect too, to enable airplay to work – this could of worked with the available wireless network but I wasn’t taking any chances of things being blocked.

It worked out pretty well and had a few smiles.. Although there were a few glitches and I’m blaming IOS 7 as I had recently upgraded and hadn’t fully tested on the new OS.


So Tech13 as you can see below in the infogram – the event had just over a thousand attendees from over 28 countries during 4 days 159 speakers and 200 exciting sessions.
It was a great event and good fun networking and connecting with colleagues, other Aces and the Oracle Team – there were lots of interesting topics/sessions from Fujitsu and their case studies with Webcenter to the Red Samurai team who gave 2 great presentations on ADF – ADF Development Survival Kit – Essentials for ADF Developer ADF Anti-Patterns: Dangerous Tutorials – Real Experience in ADF

I also got to play with Oracle’s Google Glass kit; and also get a glimpse at what has been happening behind the scenes; where they are taking new technology and products to enhance user experience and interaction.
With that said Fishbowl Solutions also got a pair of Fishbowl blue Google Glass kits recently for the innovation team to start looking into the future and experimenting as we did with our mobile product line back 5-6 years ago.

So be on the lookout for the first Oracle Partner Glass app ;)





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