What’s New with WebCenter Capture

Within the last few months Oracle has released a new version of the WebCenter products ( With this update there were quite a few significant updates to WebCenter that includes a new UI — built in Oracle ADF, Mobile availability, but one significant update I was excited about was a new version of Oracle WebCenter Capture.

If you’re familiar with WebCenter Capture, you know its been a long time since it had any signficant updates. Actually, according to Oracle support the last patchset was released over a year ago!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the new interface!

What are the new features?

Quite a few new features were added and really takes the product to next level. They include:
* Now it’s truly an enterprise product, now based on Java and can be deployed to WebLogic Server as a managed server.
* Be deployed to Linux platforms. (Earlier versions were restricted to a Windows Operating System)
* Customizations are now done in Javascript, instead of VB scripts.

Now being a web-based product means a lot of benefits for our clients. But one of big advantages I see is no longer needing to install a desktop-client on PCs, as everyone responsible for doing capturing and indexing will access the web console to do this.

What does this mean for ODDC?


With this new release of the product, I think its written on the wall for ODDC that it won’t exist moving forward. Essentially its been merged with the new version.

What else?

As with any new releases of any product there are pros, which I outlined above, but also come with some cons.

I fully believe the pros outweigh the cons in this release. Though there are few things to note about this new version:

1. If Recognition Processor is going to be used, it is not available on Linux distributions, only on Windows.

2. The same goes for PDF Searchable.

 Note: This can also be found on Oracle Support Doc ID 1585057.1

After spending all week at Oracle OpenWorld talking about imaging with customers and with the new release of ODC, we at Fishbowl are very excited about the future of imaging and the solutions we can provide to our customers. If you’re looking for more information about the new release of WebCenter Enterprise Capture or imaging solutions, contact us at Fishbowl, and also see Oracle Support Article ID 1582282.1 for more details.

Brad Bukacek Jr is a Senior Software Consultant/Team Lead, who focuses on building Oracle imaging solutions. He also has an extensive background in architecting & developing solutions using Oracle SOA/BPM Suite. Brad is also heavily involved in the Oracle community through IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) and is the Middleware Track Manager for IOUGs yearly conference, Collaborate.

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