Oracle WebCenter Mobile Success:: Content And Now Portal!..

Fishbowls Mobile division  have been focused on delivering enterprise applications and support for Oracle WebCenter over the last 5 years.

Focused on delivering both Native and hybrid Applications (ADF Mobile PhoneGap & Cordova) for Android IOS and BlackBerry.

In the last week, we’ve released a new update to our WebCenter Content app “Fishbowl2Go” and also a preview edition of our WebCenter Portal application “Fishbowl Connect” for IOS; soon to be available on both Android and Blackberry App Stores.

Check out Fishbowl Solutions apps for WebCenter here

Fishbowl Connect Overview
Fishbowl Connect enables intuitive mobile collaboration for Oracle WebCenter Portal. Allowing business users and management to easily view and post discussions, connect – follow and collaborate with other members, search and submit content both from your workspace and collaborative portal environments.

Here are some of the rich features that have been built into this release:

Multilingual Support (i18n)
Currently English, French however we are working on also releasing Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian in the next month or two.
With this we also provide your linguistic teams the ability to easily customise the language semantics displayed through a web based editor.

Brand Distinction
We know you all don’t want to have Fishbowl Connect branded app and so inbuilt is the capability for your marketing team to easily enhance the app templates, customise the functionality and add additional screens to the springboard, change the theme to fit in with your brand.

ADF Mobile Support
Our app or features can be integrated into ADF Mobile applications enabling your ADF Mobile dev teams to enhance or integrate existing ADF Mobile modules introducing additional springboard buttons to access existing solutions.

Responsive Design – Adaptive Design & ADF Taskflows
If your site is responsive – adaptive you also have the capability to import the view into the app to integrate with existing ADF Business components / taskflows. Providing seamless integrations with existing applications so users no longer need to switch to a browser and navigate to components this can be exposed within the mobile app.

Cached Offline Support
All screens that are accessed while the user is accessing the application are cached enabling temporary offline support. This cache is dropped when the app is restarted.

Global Configuration File
A static configuration file enables quick updates throughout all installed mobile applications providing full control over all installed apps (Android, IOS, Blackberry) giving IT admins full control – one of the capabilities is to turn off/disable features ie access to the content server during scheduled maintenance out of hours periods. 

File Contributions
Currently we only allow photo and text WYSIWYG submissions through the app to portal we are looking to expand this to enable more file types and also the ability to allow users to choose the app to load documents from WebCenter Content.




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