What does WebCenter Imaging Solve?

As technology evolves, one thing businesses will always look to do is to cut costs by increasing efficiences through enterprise business processes. By investing in Oracle WebCenter Imaging (also known as I/PM), businesses can improve processes that are typically manual and paper-based by looking at ways to automate the document processing.

Imaging is becoming an important investment that key business executives are pushing to IT departments to improve key processes. Some examples of processes include, but not limited to the following:

* Invoice Processing

* Expenses

* Employee On-Boarding

Webcenter Imaging provides many additional features on top of WebCenter Content to help businesses achieve document extraction, a business process management infrastructure and include standards-based integration into key ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications like Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft.

At Fishbowl Solutions, we take a simplifed approach to achieve an automated imaging solution uisng WebCenter Imaging. Where most organizations get into trouble is attempting to break off too much, too quickly, we like to understand the business objectives & goals and design a scalable solution to help the business see increased efficiencies and cut costs.

For example, lets look at some benefits of using WebCenter Imaging for accounts payable. By automating the invoice process, businesses are removing the following risks:

* Missing information or incorrectly routed

* Audit

* Loss of paper documents

But by also being more productive and paying vendors on-time they can go back to them and now ask for discounts because they can pay quicker.

Below is a picture of workflow from scanning to approval workflow.

If you have questions or are unsure where to get started in your quest for business process automation via WebCenter Imaging, please contact Fishbowl Solutions. We have extensive history with the product and can provide value-add services for your imaging-based project. Additionally, if you would like to get a clearer picture into the benefits and ROI that imaging could have for your accounts payable invoices process, please check out Oracle’s Online Assessment Tool.

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