Reach the Oracle WebCenter Summit with Fishbowl Solutions at Collaborate 13

I have been using the analogy that sometimes getting WebCenter projects started, progressed or completed is like climbing a mountain. Customers aren’t always sure where to begin, how to stay on path, or what obstacles may lie ahead. Most customers seem to want to evolve their WebCenter use cases, say from standard content management to an enterprise portal, but not knowing such things as the amount of effort required, technical complexities, and deployment options tends to keep such projects at the base of the proverbial WebCenter mountain.

What better place to start your trek up that mountain than Denver, Colorado – site of Collaborate 13. Fishbowl Solutions will be there, and we would enjoy discussing your WebCenter projects and how we might assist in helping those projects get started, progressed and completed – avoiding the cliffs and jagged rocks along the way. We would also like to share with you some new and exciting ways that your trek can be made easier through our value-add WebCenter solutions. Here is a quick description of the solutions we will highlight at Collaborate 13:

These solutions will be demonstrated in our booth – #1277 – and will be discussed across our six presentations. Be sure to check out our Collaborate 13 page for all the details on our Collaborate activities. We look forward to helping you start your WebCenter ascent at Collaborate 13.

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