Oracle WebCenter PS6 released!

Last year back in Feb we had PS5 and now with PS6 the WebCenter Suite released yesterday I can say its all just getting better and better!..

A rundown of the new Jdev Enhancements can be seen here

Here are some of the items that catch my eye and you may have seen it on the twitter stream with a couple early tweets before the official release.

Firstly the new Skyros Skin (I’m presuming after the Greek Island)
Very clean and great looking skin; uses a lot of CSS3 properties instead of hundred of images to structure components – tabs degrades nicely for older browsers IE8 and below ie rounded corners become square.

Also a few new skin selector properties that tidy up the structure for better skinning development – I’ll try to post some updates later on to give you a rundown of some of the new enhancements with skinning.

You can see it in action in the new PS6ADF Faces Rich Client here

There are a few DVT extras like Sunburst; although I’m sorry to say I’ve never been too impressed with DVTs you get out of the box.

PanelGridLayout makes it across from R2 into R1PS6 looks promising
Follows the CSS3 specs for grid layout so it can be optimized for layout performance and is also the recommended UI layout component for most pages.

Runtime code editor Finally colour coded goodness!

I believe it’s using codeMirror great job.

File Uploader also looks interesting haven’t tried it out yet – drag drop support is interesting with java support for older browsers looking forward to seeing it in action.


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