IOUG Webinar – SharePoint is NOT an ECM System – Reasons Why

Microsoft SharePoint represents one of the fastest growing technology products of all time. Customers like SharePoint because it makes collaboration easy as sites can be created without IT’s involvement. However, with this ease-of-use comes the explosion of sites containing content that IT eventually has difficulty managing. Factor in limited records management functionality and organizations may be faced with 100s of unmanaged sites containing orphaned content.  Join us for this webcast as we discuss use cases for SharePoint and why those use cases do not include enterprise content management. You will also learn how SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter can be integrated so that the benefits of each system can be leveraged but WebCenter becomes the system of record for enterprise content. Come hear how organizations are utilizing this integration to improve governance, compliance and security.

Date: Tuesday, December 18
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST


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