Facilitating Multi-Site Management with Oracle WebCenter

Multi-site management, simply defined, is the creation and management of multiple websites within a single toolset. The distinguished advantage of using a content management system is the ability to reuse both assets and content while managing sites, saving businesses time and proving to be very cost effective as well.  By choosing Oracle WebCenter Content and the Site Studio web content management component businesses can take advantage of several key features of WebCenter Content including workflows, security, and content history while having the mature, enterprise level Oracle Content Server as the system’s backend.

While multi-site management is not a new concept, users struggle to effectively implement and maintain a multi-site infrastructure.  Asset separation, that is, splitting up a web page into pieces so that they can be best reused throughout the website and future websites, is of paramount importance with multi-site management. Fishbowl Solutions has many years experience implementing WebCenter Content websites with SiteStudio, and here are some tips and tricks we have vetted out to make reuse within your environment easier and clearer:

  1. Make separations logical
  2. Create reusable building blocks
  3. Follow standard HTML best practices
  4. Avoid hard coding
  5. Avoid duplicates
  6. Use consistent naming conventions
  7. Incorporate reusable element definitions
  8. Utilize secondary pages

By following these principles, businesses are empowered to enhance their website implementation process and easily facilitate multi-site management within their infrastructure. To find out more information on how to make the most of Oracle Web Content Management or SiteStudio, read this white paper written by Fishbowl software consultant Karla Schommer.


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