@JRSim_UIX at Collaborate 2012 Vegas #C12LV

Flying on out tomorrow from sunny Minneapolis.
It’ll be my first time over at Collaborate; Presenting to an external audience and in Vegas.

And as its Vegas I hear you don’t do things small out there…  So, I have 3 presentations ready to roll out as part of the 14 we have at Fishbowl. It’s a lot to keep track of so to help you we’ve created a nice mobile app giving you an overview of the sessions and options to download and view our whitepapers and presentations – as well as a nice map to help you navigate around the booths and finds us. Download the Collaborate Mobile App


I’ll be over at booth #1178 so don’t be shy come say “hello”; I’ll be their talking User eXperience and journey through multiple devices hand helds to desktops; responsive design pros and cons and how you can transform WebCenter ADF Portal template to make it responsive; Mobility ADF Mobile, Native Apps through to HTML5 and other integration opportunities with Phonegap-Callback Cordova to help create adaptive cross device and OS apps and also talk about what are currently the good and bad options with developing with these techniques and technologies; Using WebSockets with WebCenter to create a true realtime collaborative environment and integration with BPM, UCM workflow or any system for messaging and getting away from email clutter to bringing in collaborative XMPP services or Lync via its XMPP gateway.

As well as discussing future innovative concepts such as voice enablement via speech engine recognition for your web apps; integration of multitouch events and current requirements for touch guestures and where we can take interaction to the next level; how we can now leverage the kinect for spatial guesture interaction; Bringing in 3D elements to help innovate how we can now interact with content especially with Digital Asset Management Systems like WebCenter Content.

If your interested to see what sessions we are presenting check out this earlier post.

Also a great deep dive will also be happening tomorrow so be sure to jump in and check it out.

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