Viewlet – WebCenter Portlet MDS Customisation at Runtime.

I’ve created a quick viewlet to show you how you can quickly customise the Document Explorer Taskflows in WebCenter at Runtime using the Composer Source View (very little has changed since PS1 – viewlet is on PS4).

Editing at runtime gives you the ability to easily customise any of the out of the box taskflows, whether you need to remove, move, hide options, skin and change graphics or change properties of specific elements.

You can see the highlighted options that were customised and removed these changes are stored in the MDS.


Update - after reviewing the video there are a few points I want to make – not to confuse anyone.

1. In the System Pages area I am customising the Documents Page which has the documents taskflow attached – it was a quick way for me to access the taskflow – the Restore Default Option will not restore MDS customisations on the taskflow only on the page – so if you have added any additional portlets they will be removed and the original page will be displayed before customisation – any customisation to the document taskflow will remain.

2. The Confirm Taskflow Edit popup with the “Do not ask next time” check box option has never worked in any of the patchsets maybe in PS5?? So I just select edit. Not a major issue just a nuisance.

3. One of the buttons I edit its text property direct if your going to support multilingual it is better to leave the EL expression and edit the language local file direct.

4 thoughts on “Viewlet – WebCenter Portlet MDS Customisation at Runtime.

  1. Ok the title may be a little misleading – I am not modifying the MDS directly but the MDS is being updated through composer view for those taskflows.

  2. I’m sorry John, the video was misleading to me -it should to me a short cartoon film-, actually your post is terrific, I didn’t know actually I can do this in spaces, it’s a bit limited, like I can’t add my custom functionality inside, but it’s a very great video


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