SiteStudio vs. SiteStudio for External Applications (SSXA) Smack Down!

smackdown imageWith the release of Oracle Content Management 11g, customers were introduced to many new features, functionality, and technology to help them solve their business problems.  One of the new additions is Site Studio for External Applications (SSXA).  SSXA provides the ability to run a website in an application server environment, while utilizing the benefits of a Universal Content Management backend (now called Oracle WebCenter Content).  With this capability, Oracle helps companies take advantage of the main benefit of a Site Studio site, which is the ability to hand off content contribution to the users responsible for maintaining the content, while enabling them to leverage the latest web development technologies including JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL).

Both Site Studio and Site Studio for External Applications offer the ability to build and maintain enterprise-scale web sites.  Both technologies separate content from presentation, and allow content to be updated by non-IT users.  Additionally, both components support Oracle Universal Content Management 11g.  Therefore, either component is more than adequate for website creation today.  However, one thing to consider is the technology direction your organization is heading.  If you see your IT infrastructure quickly evolving, you may want to consider SSXA as it more closely aligns with Oracle’s Fusion Middleware strategy to provide interoperability and integrations across all Oracle software applications.  If your organization is content with your current infrastructure and technologies today, and may not see the immediate need to move to a more IT-centric web content management system (WCM), Site Studio will suffice.  Ultimately however, either system provides the necessary WCM features and functionality to create and deliver highly visual and interactive websites. Fishbowl has experience implementing and developing sites using both SSXA and Site Studio, and we are ready to help you decide which one may be best for your organization’s website creation process.

For more information and technical details read the complete comparision whitepaper by Mariah Bailey, Senior Software Consultant  at Fishbowl Solutions. Read the Whitepaper

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