WebCenter PS4 released

Ok, so UCM & weblogic PS4 were released  Fri 06/05/2011..
I never understand why releases always seem to happen on a Friday.. 

But the much anticipated WebCenter PS4 has finally been released – so go get it whilst its hot..
This patchset is really just a bug fix release with additional performance improvements – officially it was announced that this would be an internal release – however after the announcement it was decided to make this a public release.

From what I’m seeing on the tweets no major changes with PS4, so if your happy with the performance and haven’t come across any issues with PS3 you may aswell stay on it until the next PS5 release around August, September.

Fishbowl will be upgrading to PS4 later this week and we’ll let you know if we come across and major issues or enhancements as the release notes appear to be quite lite.

Head over to OTN to download latest PS4 release.


Also keep an eye on Yannick Ongena – He’s one of the top guys out there on WebCenter and has been working for as long as I have since PS1 on WebCenter.. Finally check out his book PS3 cookbook you can also download his ebook I believe he is upto chapter 13; if your new to Spaces.

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