Tech Tip: Speed up Development with Firebug and jQuery

I recently created a custom form which enables me to check in new content with limited metadata, set the file name, extension, and actual contents of that file.  I have since extended this to have a “batch” upload, allowing me to specify how many content items I want created, along with the contents of the file.   This interface allows me to rapidly create specific content with specific metadata very quickly.

One of the issues, however, is how daunting that interface actually is for filling in all the data.  I did not want to copy and paste by hand, as that would be very inefficient.  I decided to use the power of firebug and jQuery and set off to create some javascript.

I took this javascript and pasted it into the firebug console

And hit run.  The end result is the form all filled in.

After a successful submit, we can go ahead and run a search to see the result.

And the info page.

These little tips can rapidly speed up development time by eliminating most of the data entry copy/paste work.  I hope you find this useful for any projects you may be working on!

2 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Speed up Development with Firebug and jQuery

  1. When you originally turned me on to firbug I was perplexed to say the least. Since that time it has become my best friend for debugging, previewing the DOM and analyzing the cascade. Seems like there is still more to learn, thanks for the tip!

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