Integrating ECM and Portals – New Technical Whitepaper Available


Check out our newest technical whitepaper, Integrating Oracle ECM with Portal Technologies (click the cover image)
See the rest of our whitepapers and our latest eBook: Two Types of Collaboration at the Fishbowl Resources page here.


4 Responses to “Integrating ECM and Portals – New Technical Whitepaper Available”

  1. [...] a nice technical white paper released today over at Fishbowl Solutions you should check out – on one way to integrate ECM with [...]

  2. John Sim says:

    Great white paper!
    Nice solution on integration.

  3. [...] For additional information on programitic integration of Oracle UCM with portal technologies, it is worth checking out Andy Weaver's whitepaper from Fishbowl Solutions about Integrating ECM and Portals. [...]

  4. Ishwariya says:

    Good paper…
    It would be nice if the code flow is also provided…that is starting from wrapper to jsp for one usecase which would be helpful for us to proceed further.

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